06 September, 2006

Wow i cannt believe how long its been since my last post.
hope everyone is keeping well

Uni really caught up with me this semester. Really busy but i supose thats what you get while your studing.

just to catch everyone up on the haps, well i bought myself a lap top which is comming inhandy with the assignments,

grant and i seperated last week im accepthing it and am slowly moving on but my life hasnt got quiter its got busier my friends, family and the girls at home group have been really supporting just letting me talk was what i really needed. but i supose its time we moved onto bigger and berrter things plus what i like and what he liked was two different things he enjoyed being in fornt of a computer and me being the nature girl LOVE being outside so thats alright ive got more time now to do the things i love doing.

I just wanna say a huge thankyou to thoes of you that have just let me sit there and talk i dont think you relise just how much that means to me, it made me get it out so im not bottling up any of the hurt or the emotions anymore. you guys have been awsume.

I would also like to extend my thanks to frank (if you dont read this then could someone please pass this onto him coz i dont think you have my blog adress) your sermon on sunday really got to me like nothing ever has before it made me understand that yes greiving hurts but to know that gods there crying with me and that im not alone just made me feel so good the fact that god cares enough about me to cry with me when im upset ment the world to me, so thankyou so much that really helped me out with the greiving process.

On to better things i have a job interview for the Auckland Regional Council on monday this is for a job for my three month holiday doing the position of a student ranger. this could be a real opertunity for me.

well i was up at 5 this morning so i could grab a lift in with jean and i was watching tv and there was this show on dont really know the name of it but it made me relise something ive gotta stop making things happen in my life when i want them to i should just stand back and let things happen in my life on god's timing. things will happen in my life when he wants them to not when i want them to and i think if i keep thinking that then my life is gonna become an awsume life.

well ide better be off now im painting a murel for creach man its so relaxing.

take care and god bless




At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca... I do have your blog address... it's linked to from mine :o)

Thank you for your kind words. It's a tough topic to deal with because it can raise issues for both the speaker and the listeners. I'm glad it helped you to see how God can be active in a space you may not have considered as deeply before. We often miss the real depth and love of God in some of the tougher spaces because we are taught to often to only associate him with the good feelings... the successes and the victories.

I have truly valued knowing the God who cries with me :o)



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