07 June, 2006

Hay everyone

I have just been told by jean to update my blog i think im falling behind :)
Apart from the fact i think winter has come within the last 2days, studing has started and my brain is in the state between jelly and mushed up jelly trying to cram 4 subjects into my short term memory is proving rather difficulte.
I have started so i supose i cannot complain about not being prepared.

i passed my chemistry practicle, for thoes of you that dont know chemistry is not a strong subject so passing was absoultly brillent.

I have just handed in my application to graduate from the cirtificate in applied science and if accepted i will graduate in october. (VERY EXCITED:) ) just another 2 and a half years before i get my bachelor. It's going to be great finishing my cert as it's going to motivate me do finish my bachelor.

I may not get to post for about a week got heaps to do within the week but i will try

well i will be off now to study some more

before i go i will leave you with this statment

love life and life will love you

catch up soon

Love Rebecca