31 May, 2006

hay all

well it's that time of the year again exams, stress and last minute assignments. For all you going through this same thing i wish you all the best.

I have finally booked my full its been a long time comming so ill keep you posted on what happens.

sorry but this one's going to be short and sweet i'm in the middle of a revision lesson so im of to fill my brain with stastic formulas.

hope everyone has a good rest of the week


15 May, 2006

hay everone

poasting really hasnt been my strong point at the moment but I really didnt have time last week.

Gods doing really amazing things in my life lately i have so many questions about christanity and what and how god does things through me and ive been blessed with the opertunity to talk to someone about this and just find out what god has in mind for me im really looking foward to finding my gift and my true calling within the church community :)

Ive also just bought a car which is cool but it has left me rather broke as you would know if you own a car.

ive just had bio and was given yet another assignment to do so im off to do that now well at least start it.

love ya's


01 May, 2006

Hay everyone

Well back at uni now :( reality has sunk in and im really missing sleeping in or having to get out of a nice warm bed and wonder out into the cold. For thoes other uni students im assuming that you will agree.

Well whats happining in my life well grant and i have now been together for 2 years i know i cannt believe it either.

Girls brigade is doing ok im taking mozasics with them for 6 weekes really looking forward to it.

I'm just of to a lecture so betta go

take care have a good week

love, hugs and kisses